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XEVMPD: Samarind launches free XEVPRM comparison tool

EMA contractors are currently QC’ing the data in the EVMPD and correcting any ‘errors’ that they find. If your EVMPD submissions are generated from an internal RIM system, this means that the data in the EVMPD database and your internal system can quickly get out-of-sync, and the email reports of the changes that are being sent to QPPVs apparently contain general guidance only, not details of exactly what has been changed. This leaves MAHs with the potentially huge task of manually comparing the EVMPD data with that in their RIM system, and the danger of being out-of-compliance in the meantime.

Recognising this as a serious issue, Samarind has developed an XEVPRM comparison tool that compares submitted message files with exported EVMPD data and produces a user-friendly spreadsheet report for review/analysis. Best of all, the tool is being offered free-of-charge to all EEA MA Holders.

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