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Validation packages and consultancy services

Validation packages and consultancy

Increasingly, software is being outsourced and as a professional software house, Samarind has taken measures to ensure that the principles of computer systems validation are strictly adhered to.

Validating computerised systems that are utilised in the life sciences industry is crucial to patient safety. Samarind recognises the potential overhead facing our clientele when faced with the prospect of validating our software solution from scratch.

The outlay for validating outsourced computerised systems can be reduced significantly if the right strategy, compliance requirements and processes are used. Our software is developed and validated according to GAMP 5 guidelines; this ensures that our customers are able to leverage our validation efforts, which in turn drastically reduces and expedites their own.

A common attribute of successful post-delivery validation is that an organisation is able to focus more energy on PQ testing and less on IQ and OQ testing. This results in less validation work, faster system deployment and a reduction in overall validation costs.

Samarind can provide a bespoke PQ validation package as well as computer systems validation consultancy tailored specifically to your particular requirements.

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