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Solutions for consultants and consultancy businesses

Solutions for consultants and consultancy businesses

The opportunity

Traditionally, consultancies in the pharmaceutical industry have focused on providing outsourced services for specific activities, the most common being eCTD production, QPPV services and in recent years EVMPD data collection and entry. Many specialise in just one area, because the investment in people and software tools cannot be justified. However as economies fluctuate and competition increases it’s not just drug manufacturers that need to stay competitive – consultants too need to diversify and expand the range of services they offer.

The solution

With Samarind RMS you have the potential to widen your portfolio from a single software package, including but not limited to:

Furthermore we offer a range of flexible pricing options for our solution. Purchasing expensive software licences up front is no longer the only option; ‘per client’ and even ‘payload’ pricing is available. These options help to ensure that you only pay for the software when you are able to recharge to your client.

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