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Deployment Options

Deployment options

Samarind RMS is available in three versions with multiple deployment options, as follows.

Samarind RMS for Windows – available in single database and bureau versions

The single database version of our Windows application is our most popular offering. This is designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers where all products will be in a single database.

The bureau (multi-database) version of our Windows application is designed especially for consultancies and other services providers that wish to use the software on behalf of different clients. It provides the Windows version of the system with multiple, completely separate databases, so that each client’s data is properly segregated.

Both the above versions can be either installed at your premises or hosted by Samarind.

Windows version – on-premise

Our Windows version is most often installed at our customer’s own premises (or in their private Cloud), using their IT infrastructure. Your IT team provide the servers that the system will run on, we provide the software.

From an IT architecture point of view a Samarind RMS installation is very straightforward – it requires a Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or later) plus an area on a shared drive for the application files. Depending on data volumes, neither requires a dedicated server, although many customers do prefer to separate their systems in this way.

Windows version – hosted by Samarind

For customers who prefer not to manage their own infrastructure, or whose IT teams are too busy to provide resources within desired timeframes, we offer a fully hosted version of Samarind RMS for Windows.

Here we provide the IT infrastructure as well as the Samarind RMS application. Our typical configuration is three dedicated servers – a domain controller, an application server and a SQL server – configured as a private domain at a high-security hosting company in the UK. We use Microsoft RDWeb for user remote access and two-factor authentication and/or VPN access are available as options for added security.

The servers are set up and fully secured by Samarind’s expert Networks team and custom configurations can be provided if necessary.

RMS On Demand – our Cloud version

RMS On Demand is the browser version of our application, hosted and maintained by Samarind. It lacks many of the sophisticated features of the Windows version and is only suitable for a small number of users and products, but it’s ideal for small and medium-sized organisations who have neither the IT infrastructure nor the budget for the Windows version. It’s available on a subscription basis and a free, no-obligation 30-day trial is available so that you can try before you buy.

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