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Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems

Coming from a bespoke software background, integrating with other systems is straightforward for us, provided sufficient technical documentation is available and/or the vendor is open to allowing the integration.

Integration with third party Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

Many larger organisations already have an EDMS such as Documentum™ implemented so do not need to use our built-in one. In this situation, Samarind RMS holds simply a link to the original document in the EMDS, and where possible pulls through metadata such as version number, title, date and status.

The original document can be viewed directly from Samarind RMS and the PDF rendition of the document is automatically extracted and used in eCTD and EVMPD submissions where necessary.

Documents are still created and managed in the EDMS itself and Samarind RMS’s access is strictly read only, so that document access and lifecycle is still fully controlled by the originating EDMS. The only downside of this approach is that users are not able to take advantage of the automatic template database features that Samarind’s own EDMS provides.

Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Integration with an organisation’s ERP system (SAP™ for example) can bring many benefits, for example;

  • Registration planning activities can be combined with sales forecast information to provide product launch tracking facilities
  • Product release can be controlled by regulatory staff from Samarind RMS via sharing of ‘Inclusion rule’ information

Integration with existing legacy systems

Samarind can also interface with existing legacy systems, where (for example) regulatory information is already being maintained and data needs to be pulled out and synchronised with Samarind RMS for a specific purpose, for example for submitting data to the XEVMPD or the FDA’s GUDID database.

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