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Analytics – live, interactive management dashboards

The Challenge

Data-driven approaches are set to achieve great things and are becoming essential to the work place. Successful companies are those which use their data and become proactive instead of reactive to daily problems. Excellent analytics lead to well thought out strategic decisions and increased product performance.The best decisions are based on solid data but more often than not this is hindered by the large time requirements needed to translate your scientific data into user accessible and visual representations.

The Solution

Developed with consultation from top pharma companies, Samarind’s ‘Single Place of Truth’ centres around our extensive validated data models, providing complete de-duplication of your key data points whilst preserving solid relationships throughout.

With Samarind RMS new analytics module all the data contained within the RMS database is brought to life, providing vivid, contextual, interactive and most importantly actionable information via your dashboard.

Compatible with PC’s, Macs, tablets and phones; up to the minute information is at your fingertips at any time. Utilising the power provided by our ‘Single Place of Truth’ data model; users quickly visualise data across all modules, dynamically and interactively drilling down into their data through a simple, intuitive point and click interface.

Your data, your device & your schedule

These management focused dashboards refresh in minutes, allowing you to keep track of products, projects and users. Compounded with excellent visualisation of your data to allow focus on your short and long term goals. The Samarind RMS analytics dashboard harmonises your data, reacts to your individual needs whilst improving availability and efficiencies by negating the requirement for manual report development. Let Samarind help you to fully utilise your scientific data.

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