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FDA Releases Specialized CVM-only Version of eSubmitter Tool

In the news this week the Center for Veterinary Medicine have announced a veterinary specific eSubmitter tool. This new piece of tech is a step away from the FDA eSubmitter program and will be the new tool to submit to the FDA Electronic Submission Gateway.


The FDA describe this new submitter as a “question based submission tool” with the use of templates to enhance the user experience. The benefits focus on the specificity to the veterinary user and a better response time on bug fixes and enhancements.

It is worthy to note that you can continue to use the current FDA eSubmitter until March 2018 after this date the FDA eSubmitter will no longer support CVM submissions. Similarly as of Dec 2017 the FDA eSubmitter will not allow CVM submissions to be created within the FDA eSubmitter tool. This new CVM tech is available as of the 21st Aug 2017.



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