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How Can Samarind Help You Get Away From All Your Data Silos?

How can Samarind help you achieve what I have been talking about in my previous two posts – Is it time to turn your reporting structure ‘upside down’ and the importance of a single place of truth – that will help you escape the net of complexity that you get from having multiple, silo-ed systems?

We are starting to help clients by starting to help them see (and deliver) getting to that single place of truth by keeping the place where they hold the data consistent.

If you want data A, you get it in all the systems: you get it in your clinical trial structures, you get it in eCTD, you get it in pharmacovigilance. That is what we are delivering. And even better, we are making a foundation base for all your data, which you can just ‘plug in’ if you want to route the information in a specific direction, e.g. submissions, EVMPD, pharmacovigilance, medical devices –  whatever is needed.

That is our contribution, in the shape of the Samarind RMS  (Regulatory Management System). The solution is there and it is available, constantly adapted by us to keep up with the very latest regulations.

My message to you today, then, is to stop thinking so much about separate systems, even if they are best of breed, and instead start thinking holistically – in a ‘Big Data’ way – about data. Make that central; make data the foundation of all your processes.

Which is why when I sit down with customers I think, ‘I know you asked me about one problem – but if you think a bit wider, you can see this problem as just one face of the same problem – so don’t buy yet more software, creating yet another module, to solve his problem!’

Is it time you started to also think like this? I am interested in your thoughts and comments on our idea of a Big Data style, unified data approach to our industry’s challenges – and would love you to share your thoughts.


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