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Archive for month: April, 2014


Will We See Big Pharma Coming ‘Home’ sooner than we expected?

Today, I’d like to talk about some of the bigger trends affecting the pharmaceutical sector. Without a doubt, there has been a huge amount of change that affects every part of the sector, from the main players in it to the smallest – change which we all need to start working out how to cope with, I think you will agree.

Take downsizing. I don’t need to remind you of the way some of the biggest corporations in this sector have pulled a lot of resources out of Europe, moving and re-aligning, opening new facilities in Asia. We’ve seen this happen across the globe, actually, so not just in Europe.

What’s driving this? The reason is because drug development – and clinical trials in particular – is cheaper to run in those countries. But when it happens, it’s unquestionably a huge shock to the present host country and the whole supply chain around that old business.

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The Importance of a ‘Single Place of Truth’

By Dr Olaf Schoepke, Director of Strategic Development, Samarind RMS

Last time I blogged here, we spoke about how important drug information can get spread around multiple systems. We believe that clients are finding this more and more an inefficient way to work, which is why we are starting to recommend that instead they move to ‘flip’ data – keeping it on one system that can then be the source for when it needs to be driven to where it needs to be at the right time in the whole massive research-trials-approval-pharmacovigilance-reporting process.

If you want to know why, think about those big systems, the five or six trails or submissions structures which you are probably currently working with. So, when you think about these silos, for example, if you have to use four or five silos for four or five systems, how do you combine these? At the moment, you take one system and you integrate it with the others. Say you currently have a kind of base, a foundation, which is fine: now you can link system 1 to system 2 and then system 2 to system 3 and back to system 1 and so on.

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